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Porterville College

Porterville College is a two-year state school in Porterville, California. It was started back in 1927 as a part of College District and Porterville Union High School. The college is located in Tulare County at 100 East College Avenue.

On July 1, 1967, it became a part of the Kern Community College district.

The college offers many programs in the field of art, economics, science, applied science, communications, mathematics, business and liberal arts. The 60-acre campus also has a theatre, a library and a horticulture complex with dedicated areas for sports and fitness. The college is being run and administered by The Porterville College Foundation, a non-profit organization which also looks after fundraising and community connections of the college.

The school is accredited from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The college offers many certificate and degree courses and these are accepted and are used as associate degrees for transfer to University of California.

More than 4000 students enroll themselves in various programs every semester at the Porterville College. The college has come up with a good rapport in the local farming community as well. Most of the students studying here are up to 24 years of age, which makes this a rather young campus.

Apart from the academic activities students are also provided with counseling services so that they may discuss their concerns and issues with the counselors. Some of the interesting features of this college include the Anthropology library, built specially to help the interests of anthropologist and the CHAP program. CHAP or Cultural and Historical Awareness Program is a part of the courses every year so that students get to understand a few cultural and historical issues and maintain a deep understanding about them.

Students also use career services provided on campus as well as the art gallery and a separate athletics division. Appropriate financial aid is also available for students enrolled in two or four year programs at the college. This co-educational college is currently a house to more than 6 ethnicities and even varied cultural backgrounds of the students.

Accommodation is available for students and special accommodation areas are reserved for students with disabilities. The college has very strict regulations on attendance, grading systems and academic dishonesty. Moreover, there is student government system as well. The Associated Students Porterville College organization serves the purpose to take care of students interests, enroll them in various clubs and engaging in extra-curricular activities.

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