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What kind of jobs require an Associate Degree in Arts? (6 Common Questions Answered)

Discover the surprising jobs you can get with an Associate Degree in Arts. Find out more in this informative post!

An Associate Degree in Arts can qualify you for a variety of jobs, including Graphic Design Artist, Public Relations Officer, Technical Writer/Editor, Web Developer/Designer, Administrative Assistant, Event Planner/Coordinator, Market Research Analyst, Digital Content Creator, and Video Production Specialist.


  1. What Does a Graphic Design Artist Do?
  2. How to Become a Technical Writer/Editor?
  3. What Tasks Does an Administrative Assistant Perform?
  4. What does Market Research Analysts Do?
  5. What is Involved in Video Production Specialization?
  6. Common Mistakes And Misconceptions

What Does a Graphic Design Artist Do?

A Graphic Design Artist is responsible for using computer software to create artwork, utilizing color, type, illustration, photography and various print and layout techniques. They collaborate with clients to determine design needs, present design solutions to clients, and incorporate changes suggested by the client into the final design. They also prepare illustrations or rough sketches of material according to instructions from client or supervisor, review final layouts and suggest improvements when necessary, stay up-to-date on emerging technologies in graphic design software, understand current trends in art direction and styling, work closely with copywriters, photographers, illustrators etc., as needed, manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines, ensure that all work is completed accurately within budget constraints, maintain a portfolio of their work, and keep abreast of industry developments.

How to Become a Technical Writer/Editor?

To become a technical writer/editor, you will need to have strong editing skills, researching and analyzing skills, and an understanding of technical concepts. You should also have knowledge of industry standards and be familiar with software programs. Additionally, you should have the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely, with attention to detail.

A bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications is typically required for this position. Experience in the field of technical writing/editing is also beneficial. Professional certifications such as Certified Technical Communicator (CTC) or Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) may also be beneficial.

You should also have a portfolio showcasing your work, as well as networking opportunities. A strong understanding of grammar and punctuation rules is also important, as is the ability to meet deadlines.

What Tasks Does an Administrative Assistant Perform?

An Administrative Assistant typically performs tasks such as greeting visitors, maintaining records and filing systems, preparing reports and presentations, coordinating meetings and events, managing calendars, making travel arrangements, processing mail, ordering supplies, assisting with special projects, providing customer service support, handling confidential information, creating spreadsheets and databases, updating websites, and performing data entry tasks.

What does Market Research Analysts Do?

Market Research Analysts develop marketing strategies, monitor industry trends, identify customer needs, conduct surveys and focus groups, analyze consumer behavior, prepare reports on findings, present research results to clients, recommend changes in products or services, track competitors’ activities, forecast sales and market share, develop pricing strategies, identify target markets, evaluate advertising effectiveness, and create promotional materials.

What is Involved in Video Production Specialization?

Video production specialization involves a variety of skills and techniques, including lighting techniques, audio recording and mixing, visual effects creation, storyboarding and scriptwriting, cinematography, color correction, post-production workflow management, digital media formats, video compression techniques, video streaming technologies, live video production methods, motion graphics design, animation principles, and broadcast television standards.

Common Mistakes And Misconceptions

  1. Mistake: An Associate Degree in Arts is not a valuable degree.

    Correct Viewpoint: An Associate Degree in Arts can be a valuable degree, depending on the career path chosen. It provides students with foundational knowledge and skills that are applicable to many different fields, such as communications, marketing, education, social work and more.
  2. Mistake: All jobs requiring an Associate Degree in Arts require the same qualifications or experience level.

    Correct Viewpoint: The qualifications for each job requiring an Associate Degree in Arts will vary depending on the specific position and employer requirements. Some positions may require additional certifications or experience beyond what is provided by the degree program itself.