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Getting started in your ideal career can be tough. It can take a considerable amount of time, effort and maybe even some luck.

After high school, most people are at a crossroads when it comes to choosing a career. It's often helpful to get advice from others in order to make an informed decision. Discovering exactly which career lines up with perfectly with your personality, character and strengths can take some time.

Here are four general steps in choosing a career. First, you should take a complete inventory of your interests, values, strengths and weaknesses. Your natural and developed skills (as well as knowing what you are not good at) are important in choosing an appropriate career. Ask yourself "What kind of work environment is your personality best suited for?" "What are your developmental needs?"

Your second step is matching your skills and personality with all the available careers. Explore possible occupations and picture yourself doing those jobs. Actually imagine yourself performing the daily work. Consider the work hours, the work environment, the actual tasks, imaginary co-workers, bosses and the other people you would be in contact with everyday. And think about the entire range of possibilities, from your first entry-level job to your promotions up the work ladder.

Preparing for your career is the third step. This involves taking action by getting the training, skills and degrees or diplomas necessary in order to get the job you want. This may include enrolling for formal education at a university, technical institute or community college or perhaps enrolling in a trade apprentice program. Many young people find that earning an associate's degree is a good option. A local community college can be practical and inexpensive choice to get the formal education you need. Most associate's degrees can be earned in one or two years.

Once you have acquired the career preparation and formal training, your fourth step is to develop a strategy towards getting that first job in your desired field. You should start with writing the best resume you can in order to showcase yourself. You will also take the time to compose a great cover letter which you will use as your template for your introductory letters.

You will have to network and talk to anyone who could help you get your foot in the door of a company that you are interested in. If you are lucky enough to get a job interview, you should prepare for the job interview by learning as much as you can about that company. And you should practice the interview process by rehearsing answers to the typical questions you will most likely be asked.

Once you get your first job, you should keep on working on promoting yourself inside the company by learning new skills, volunteering for new assignments and taking part in continuing education in order to show your company you have high potential and are a good candidate for promotions and advancement.

Good luck and remember to try to have fun.


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